Four years back, I was a Cambodian student who'd only graduated from the university and was named to work in HCMC, Vietnam. I was quite proud to work here but I was also worried about many matters like ways to get acquainted with a new culture, people, surroundings, food, particularly how to locate a good house. The reason I concerned about it was that locating a house for rent can affect not only our thoughts but also our health. Therefore, I intended to live with my aunt's family or locate a house for rent in HCMC (also called HCM city or Ho Chi Minh City).

Belonging to Cat Ba Archipelago, which comprises 367 islands, in the south of Ha Long bay, Cat Ba Island is 25 km from Ha Long city and just 30 kilometers from Hai Phong city centre.

Vietnamese Women in America (Phu nu Vietnam o My) work hard to provide for their families, either by themselves or together with the help of their husbands. It is simply another society of any country. In the United States, Viet women should work difficult due to the higher standard of living scenario here, including financing, home mortgages, and other costs. They need to work to stay in this great country. Should they live and work independently as a man, they're not afraid of their men. They are easily able to make themselves. Most vietnam culture are good opportunities in the United States, so they can make good money and live in a high state. that is Vietnamese girls in America working hard and still an excellent care of their family.

Westerners often experience difficulties playing the tunes because of the time singnatures. Most jazz in played in 4/4 time. Vietnamese regularly play in difficult times, even changing the times within the tune.

Visitors can find several prized habitat kinds here, including willow swamp forest, mangrove forest, sea grass beds, fringing coral reefs and tropical limestone forest. A lot of those are fiercely endangered.

At 9 a.m. the next morning, we transferred from Sapa Town to Tram Ton pass, which is at an elevation of 1,900 meters, where we began the climb. Dressed in appropriate mountaineering gear, we were eager for the journey ahead. On our shoulders were light backpacks with water, cookies and fruit and clothing and we taken the "Truong Son stick". The neighborhood porters took the tents, sleeping bags and food ahead of us.

I am proud of being trained as a teacher. I work in tourism field, although, now I am not a teacher, but the way of life fashion as a teacher has gone with me till the ending of my entire life.

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