Physio Phil has just started out on his own (way to go Phil!) and wants to make a name for himself via traditional methods. First he buys an advert on local radio offering a heavily discounted rate and then purchases a data list for mass emails and cold calls. He even has some flyers printed and spends his Saturday afternoons starting awkward conversations with unfortunate passers-by.

Decide how you want to be known. Make a list of the 10 most important keywords for your business. These are the terms that you want people to associate with you and only you. A good keyword will have several individual words. For example, "internet marketing san diego" is an excellent keyword because it is so specific.

SEO, or search engine marketing, is what connects your website to search engines. SEO takes time and it requires a lot of work, patience, and trials and errors, which is why it costs so much to hire a professional to do it for you. How does it work? Well think about how you use search engines like Google or Bing, how do you find information on the internet? You type in "keywords" like 'Photographers in Charlotte, NC' and you get a list of photographers or topics about photography. There are different methods of using keywords for your website, and can mostly be found in the written content of your site, in your non-flash images, or within the HTML code itself. Keywords are found by search engines who have spiders or bots to crawl through your website.

I search for groups with a topic that may be within my target market. I may want to join the Mommy Bloggers group and the Chicago Home Builder Network. I go ahead and join all the groups I can think of.

In conclusion, if you have always wanted to get targeted local traffic, then this is how you do it. local seo is not that complicated once you learn the basics and don't leave anything out.

But not every business is in those prime locations where tons of people will go in and browse your merchandise. But as more people comes in, there will be more sales. It is a simple and known fact.

Perhaps what your sponsor does not know that heavy hitters are doing is that doing inbound marketing gets prospects to signup a LOT easier than doing outbound marketing, which is cheap and fast. For that reason, they tell you the same thing they have been taught...outbound marketing which is cheap and fast. Inbound Marketing News (More Signup bonuses) is when an interested prospect comes to you displaying interest in your opportunity. Outbound marketing is when YOU go out to a prospect and get them to signup into your opportunity. That is where most people fail in chasing people to get them to buy into their opportunity. A good example of outbound marketing is telemarketing, cold calling, or face-to-face prospecting out on the street or in the subway.

Post link to article on social networks. I use the Twitter feed tools within each social network to automatically update my status to show that I have made a new posting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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