With long commutes, busy lives and urgent work emails just a notification away, it's no wonder most people walk around in a chronic state of stress. Put in a yoga, Pilates, or workout DVD with a goal of making it through just the first 5 minutes. Grab 'em all and you can create a home workout that'll get your heart pumping and muscles working. For example, if you have a big project due at work tomorrow and you have not started, then a workout is probably not a good idea. When you're stressed beyond belief, the body will interpret that extra strain as additional pressure, causing a cortisol release. If you're constantly stressed at work or you have a stressful personal life, your body will produce cortisol just like when you're exercising. Although the slight increase in cortisol from moderate stress can have a positive impact on performance, one Italian study of young adults engaged in a workout competition found that acute stress before and during the event hurt their scores. I should also mention that I workout first thing in the morning whenever possible.

Though it's not the case with everyone, exercising during the day might be able to help you feel more tired at night, which might make you fall asleep regardless of how stressed you might be. A good night's sleep, when dealing with stress, can make your stressors seem more manageable even when nothing else has changed.

But being able to recognize your mindset - and how to work it - can be the key to unlocking your best performances (or at least help you beat the urge to skip a workout altogether…) We asked top fitness experts to share their mood-related exercise tips.

They suggest breaking it down by tackling 30-minute workout sessions at least five days a week. The same thing happens to your body when you are stressed at work or family issue as it does when you are in an emergent fight or flight situation. I do this kind of training when my clients are to stressed out for a normal personal training session and it works very good.

The workout: Try bedtime visualization exercises, which help your mind shift to a lower gear after racing around all day. If you are extremely stressed and tired and know you can get in a workout the following day then it is probably best just to head home and hit the gym tomorrow. Like my trainer above mentioned, when tired/stressed/low on time, you want to revert to a workout that requires minimal thought.

After a team cheer (yep, every class!), the workout kicks off with about 10 minutes of warming up. Don't let the term warm-up" fool you, the beginning of class is almost as tough as the following 50 minutes, and if you can make it through this phase, you should be able to last the full session.

While beating up a bag is a great way to help you feel better temporarily, Livestrong said it's important to incorporate some sort of mental workout in order to make your stress vanish for good. Do that type of interval aerobic training 7-10 times for your next aerobic workout while stressed to reap those same benefits.

The solution to this is simple: At the beginning of each week when you know you're not going to be stressed (for me, this is a Sunday evening), plan out your entire week of workouts. Planning your workout into your day really helps and that's what has worked for me. Work around whatever else you have going on, and go to a schedule group fitness class or set a time to workout on your own," Sterner said. If you walk around in a semi-permanent state of overwhelm, perhaps your next workout should consist of several rounds of high-intensity stress management—instead of crunches or curls! Rest and recovery, as well as, good nutrition are major factors in determine the results you hope to get from your workout.

If on top of that, you're stuck" in sugar-burning mode because you still have all that errant cortisol and insulin flowing through your system (since you're still stressed), you'll be depending on sugar—which you've substantively burned through—for the duration of your training session.

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