Build your own websites by all means but I would like to inject a little realism into the proceedings based on my own roller coaster ride through the ups and downs of the internet during the last few years.

You've got a small window of opportunity to capture their interest. More than likely they will just scan your site to see if it's what they are looking for. If it isn't, lickety-split they will click on another and toss you in the trash bin.

Take a good look at what exactly your business message is. What is your typical client like? How do they usually buy from you? These are basic, yet essential questions that will reveal more information for you to use in your marketing arsenal.

When considering bad website design, keep in mind that functionality is more important than web design. That certainly does not rule out having a beautiful design. It simply means you should not sacrifice functionality for the sake of beauty. Remember, if you are trying to earn an income, then a website is basically a marketing tool. That is the purpose it serves. Your website should convey trust and move your visitor to action. If an ugly website can accomplish that, then the web design does not matter much, in this case.

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1) Let's say the cost seems to good to be true?. In this instance you ought to pay attention to that inner voice of yours. In spite of this, you may have observed that the price is in fact cheap but the web site and portfolio looks pretty good, now what? You must confirm if the sample logos presented on their web site actually belong to that company, did they actually create that work or copy it off from some other site. By the way my online portfolio has been copied and ripped off so often that I can't be bothered running after these people anymore. I always receive the similar dull answer "A friend put this together for me", or "It was my web developer company that did that"... yeah right!

If technical website design is beyond your depth of skill you will need to hire a professional to build your site for you. Depending on what you require you will certainly find a designer to fit your budget. Work closely with them so that you are happy with the final product but also understand that their expertise in the field may alter your original designs slightly. If unsure, it's always good to get a second opinion, but good designers these days generally know enough about work flow and internet browsing habits to know the best way to layout your website. Be sure to communicate with them how much you actually know about ecommerce before you start as well as your intentions to manage the site on a day to day basis, if you so choose.

The only possible exception that I can think of is a link on my site to a product that complements my own, maybe makes my own more functional or complete. If I'm canvassing for new affiliate prospects, I might want to offer a web design tool or an autoresponder. If I'm selling chairs, I might want to offer cushions or pillows. Just be very focused on what you want your client to do (the click to buy your product or sign up for your opportunity) and make sure every other link supports that.

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